“Otis the Donkeysus” Illustrations

Of course we have all heard stories about the magnificent pegasus, but have you ever heard the Tale of the Donkeysus? I must say, this is a very different tale, but heroic in its own odd way. How could it be any way but odd when we are talking about a winged donkey?

“Otis, the Donkeysus” is a delightful tale of self discovery, perseverence and overcoming obstacles. Otis is just a donkey, except that he has wings! Through a series of events, Otis learns to overcome his fears and fly. The same things that at first make him laughable to his peers set him apart and turn out to be the very things that make him special. In the end, the other donkeys see his unique attributes for the truly amazing things that they are.

Printed book coming soon!